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Mechanical Engineering


At a Glance:-

                   Mechanical engineering is a broad profession that traditionally comprises three primary sub fields: energy, mechanisms and machinery, along with controls. The work done by mechanical engineers includes the design, construction, and use of systems for the conversion of energy available from natural sources (water, fossil fuels, nuclear fuels, solar radiation) to other forms of useful energy (for transportation, heat, light, power); design and production of machines to lighten the burden of servile human work and to do work otherwise beyond human capability; processing of materials into useful products; and creative planning, development, and operation of systems using energy, machines,resources and manufacturing.

                        Mechanical engineering perhaps being  the most comprehensive of the engineering disciplines, the mechanical engineer's career opportunities encompass

  • Working in manufacturing industries in various departments like Production Deptt., Quality Assurance Deptt.,Maintenance Deptt.
  • With the knowledge of Software like Auto CAD, CAM & CAE , Diploma engineers can work in the Design and development Centres of the manufacturing unit or the supporting industries to the original equipment manufacturers.
  • Because of their comprehensive training and acquiring further education, mechanical engineers are often called upon to assume management positions.
  • Diploma Engineers are also employed in various State Government and semi government organisations like the ordnance factories.
  • Diploma Engineers can apply for the apprenticeships offered by various Central Government Organizations like the H.A.L. Indian Air Force, Indian Railways, Navy and so on. and thereby assume respectable positions in these organisations.
  • Power Generation,Automobile Engineering,Machine Tools Manufacturing, Process Industries are some of the areas wherein the Diploma Engineers can prove their positions.

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